New MSRC Funding Opportunities Announced

Clouds SmallThe MSRC has three open funding solicitations and is encouraging eligible stakeholders to apply. The Major Event Center Transportation Program has $5 million in funding for projects that will reduce the number of vehicle trips and mitigate traffic congestion by getting event attendees out of their cars and onto new public transportation options at major event centers not adequately served by public transit. A major event center is defined as a venue with a capacity of at least 7,500 visitors, an average attendance of at least 5,000 guests, and a dedicated parking structure or lot co-located with the venue. Eligible applicants include major event center operators, public transit agencies, private transit operators, paratransit providers, and county transportation commissions. Applications are due by March 30, 2018.

Some of the most popular MSRC-funded projects in this program include: The Dodger Stadium Express, the Angels Stadium Express, the OC Fair Express, and special Metrolink service to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for the NASCAR Cup Series. These programs have been remarkably successful in reducing emissions and exposing hundreds of thousands of people to some of their very first uses of mass transit. Last summer, the Dodger Stadium Express celebrated its millionth rider, and the OC Fair Express broke a ridership record for the fourth consecutive summer, with nearly 95,000 boardings.

event centerngThe Natural Gas Infrastructure Program has $4 million available for new and expanded infrastructure for CNG, LNG, L/CNG and methane. A new element for this program is the availability of funding to train technicians in the operation and maintenance of these vehicles and infrastructure. Eligible applicants include infrastructure developers and alternative fuel providers, public and private fleet operators, school districts, and certain project teams of qualified stakeholders. 

The MSRC is offering additional incentive funding to those stations that are open to the general public and to those that use renewable natural gas because it provides significant additional air quality benefits. Applications are due by June 29, 2018.

Finally, the MSRC is seeking proposals from consultants for its Technical Advisor position. The Technical Advisor helps prepare funding solicitations and contracts, provides support for the MSRC’s Work Program, and gives other general support to the MSRC, Technical Advisory Committee, and staff. Applications are due by July 13, 2017. 

All of these solicitations are available on the MSRC’s website at Sign-up for the MSRC’s email list on the homepage to be notified when new solicitations become available.