Since its establishment, the MSRC has adopted policies governing numerous aspects of the MSRC's operations, including:

  • MSRC and TAC Membership/Responsibilities
    The MSRC has enacted policies relating to the election of officers, designation of alternate representatives, representation of multiple agencies, and other aspects of membership.
  • MSRC Meetings
    Meetings for the MSRC and the TAC are held at least bi-monthly and are open to the public. Rules and Procedures are at the discretion of the Chairperson and are consistent with both state and federal laws.
    • Procedure for MSRC meetings shall be as follows (note: TAC meetings also follow these procedures):
      1. Regular meetings shall be held at least bi-monthly.
      2. A majority of the voting members of the MSRC shall constitute a quorum, and all actions at a meeting shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members.
      3. At any regular meeting not held for lack of a quorum, the members present, if less than a quorum, may constitute themselves a "Committee of the Whole," for purposes of discussing agenda matters or any other matter of interest to the members present. The committee shall automatically cease if a quorum is reached.
      4. The Chairperson may designate standing and ad hoc committees subject to the concurrence of the MSRC members and shall make appointment to all committees.
      5. All agenda items shall be submitted by MSRC members in writing to the committee secretary 15 days prior to the next scheduled meeting with a written copy to the Chairperson.
      6. The MSRC meetings shall be conducted, and public comments allowed, in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act. Public comments shall be limited by the discretion of the Chairperson.
      7. Rules and procedures shall be at the discretion of the Chairperson and consistent with both state and federal laws. (Policy Enacted 3/22/93, Policy #5)

      The MSRC shall allow public comments to be heard, comments shall be limited to two minutes per speaker. (Policy Enacted 10/26/92)

      All inquiries regarding actions taken by the MSRC, TAC, the MSRC’s Technical Advisor are to be brought before the MSRC for response and disposition. The MSRC Chairperson is the designated spokesperson (Policy Enacted 4/26/93. Policy #13).

  • Policy on Contract Modifications
  • MSRC Bid Protest Procedure
    It is the policy of the MSRC to consider protests from bidders or prospective bidders regarding MSRC’s procurement actions. The MSRC will respond to valid and timely protests. If the MSRC determines that the protest is frivolous, the protester may be deemed ineligible for future contract awards.

Reports of Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket Distributions