The MSRC Helps EV Drivers Charge Up at Home

The MSRC and the South Coast Air Quality Management District are partnering to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by initiating the Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Pilot Program. The program provides up to $250 for the cost of hardware for Level 2 residential chargers. An additional incentive of up to $250 is available for low-income households. The MSRC is contributing $500,000 in Clean Transportation Funding for this program through its 2014-16 AB 2766 Discretionary Fund Work Program. Level 2 chargers typically cost between $400 and $800, so the $250 incentive being offered to help buy down the cost of the charger makes it more financially viable to install a charger at home, enabling electric and plug-in electric vehicles to be a more attractive option for consumers. Level 2 charging typically provides 10 to 20 miles of range per one hour of charging and can provide a full charge in 4 to 6 hours for most EVs. When vehicles are plugged in overnight, drivers can start their day with a full charge. Approximately $1 million is available for the Residential EV Charging Incentive Pilot Program, with funding available on a first-come, first served basis. More information about the program and the online application is available here.