Newest Clean Air Roadmap E-Newsletter Now Available

To kick off spring, the latest edition of the MSRC's quarterly electronic newsletter Clean Air Roadmap is here. The newsletter covers some important issues that will be taking place in 2016 related to clean transportation. The newsletter delves into Governor Brown's 2016-17 proposed state budget which allocates $3.1 billion for California Climate Investments, projects funded through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to reduce GHG emissions. Several of the program categories will have hundreds of millions of dollars available for clean transportation and infrastructure projects including: the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program, the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program, the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program, the Low Carbon Transportation and Fuels Program, and the Low Carbon Roads Program. To fix the state's crumbling transportation infrastructure, a $1.7 billion transportation package is proposed for projects such as local road maintenance and repairs, transit capital, and improving trade corridors. Another important issue highlighted in the Clean Air Roadmap is the Advanced Clean Transit Rule. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) will be developing a new regulation to transition all diesel and CNG transit buses in the state to zero emission buses by 2040. Several work groups have been assembled to help develop the rule, which is slated to be completed by the end of the year. Additionally, the e-Newsletter features a brief review of the latest batch of clean cars coming to market. Finally, the Facts at a Glance depicts the amazing benefits being realized from just the first 100 days of the Santa Monica Breeze bike share program that was funded in part by the MSRC. These stories are all featured in the current newsletter available at To be sure you are receiving the MSRC's quarterly e-newsletter, join the email list at