$10 Million Clean Truck Funding Opportunity for MSRC-SCAG Last Mile Freight Initiative

The Call for Projects is now open for the Southern California Association of Governments’ (SCAG) $10 million Last Mile Freight Program, made possible by Clean Transportation Funding from the MSRC. The match-funding program will support “last mile” transportation technology to help goods movement providers invest in cleaner trucks and infrastructure.

The MSRC and SCAG launched this initiative to help reduce harmful emissions generated by the goods movement industry. Trucking in the South Coast Air Basin contributes to more than half of the NOx emissions and nearly 11 percent of PM2.5 emissions that cause smog and other hazardous air pollution. Phase 1 of the program is focused on the commercial deployment of zero- and near-zero emission heavy and/or medium-duty on-road trucks and supporting infrastructure.

“The MSRC looks forward to partnering with SCAG on this important project to help clean up polluting medium- and heavy-duty trucks in Southern California,” said MSRC Chair and Highland Mayor Pro Tem Larry McCallon. “This program is just one part of the MSRC’s current $60 million commitment to help clean up the goods movement industry and replace polluting diesel trucks with cleaner fuel and zero emission alternatives.”

For more information about the Last Mile Freight Program, please visit SCAG’s website at: https://scag.ca.gov/last-mile-freight-program. The submittal deadline is July 14, 2021.