The MSRC Helps Get Commercial Vehicles Charging Near LAX

The MSRC partnered with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) on their Last Mile Freight Program to support “last mile” transportation technologies to help those in the goods movement industry invest in cleaner trucks and infrastructure. On February 8, MSRC Member Bill Robertson was on-hand to celebrate the grand opening of Zeem Solutions’ charging depot near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), one of the projects funded under this program.

Thanks to $2.38 million in Clean Transportation Funding from the MSRC, SCAG awarded a grant to Zeem solutions to complete their two-year infrastructure buildout, which includes the fully energized deployment of a 10MW utility interconnection powering 78 DC fast chargers and 53 Level 2 ports. This gives Zeem the capacity to host up to 1,000 commercial vehicle charging sessions each day for small-fleet operators.

In addition to on-site charging, the facility provides parking, security, scheduled maintenance, and cleaning for commercial fleets, including rental cars and rideshare vehicles, cargo vans, buses and airport shuttles, and Class 1-8 trucks. The depot is located less than one mile from the airport.

The MSRC and SCAG collaborated on the Last Mile Freight Program to help reduce harmful emissions generated by the goods movement industry. Trucking in the South Coast Air Basin contributes to more than half of the NOx emissions and nearly 11 percent of PM2.5 emissions that cause smog and other hazardous air pollution.

Zeem’s LAX depot is the largest commercial EV charging station in the nation. It is the first of several facilities that Zeem is planning to open across the country.