The MSRC Hits Another Home Run For Fans with the Dodger Stadium Express

May 8 was a beautiful, sunny afternoon at the ballpark for the annual MSRC/Metro Day to celebrate the Dodger Stadium Express. For more than a decade, the MSRC has partnered with LA Metro and the Los Angeles Dodgers to fund the Express to get fans out of their cars and onto public transportation as a more environmentally friendly way to get to Dodger Stadium.

The MSRC “fielded’ a fantastic team to help support Vice Chair Brian Berkson as he threw out the first pitch. MSRC Chair Larry McCallon, MSRC Alternate members Rena Lum and John Dutrey, and former MSRC Alternate member Mark Yamarone were all on hand to cheer Brian on as he made it over the plate!

Not only do these natural gas-fueled buses help improve air quality and reduce congestion around the stadium, they also help fans with same-day game tickets save time and money by providing free roundtrip service from Union Station to Dodger Stadium. Since 2010, more than 2.7 million people have ridden the Express, which has reduced vehicle miles traveled by approximately 24 million miles, helping to cut down on air pollution. Additionally, the Dodger Stadium Express program helps expose people to the benefits of public transit by encouraging riders to take public transportation to get to Union Station to board the Express.

Improving air quality and fighting climate change is the ultimate team sport, and the MSRC is excited to give Dodger fans the chance to go green to the stadium for another season.