When newly appointed MSRC member Ben Benoit was growing up in the Coachella Valley, he remembers riding on dirty diesel school buses that generated dark plumes of smoke. During many hot days in the Valley, Benoit and all of his classmates would have to breathe in the fumes through the open bus windows because there wasn’t any air conditioning. Similarly, when he waited to board the school bus, the exhaust fumes from the idling buses were foul smelling and nearly suffocating. Even as a kid, Benoit knew that breathing that toxic air couldn’t be good.

Southern California Baseball is Back, and so is the MSRC to Get You There

April kicks off the 2017 baseball season for both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which means thousands of baseball fans will be traveling to Dodger Stadium and the Big A and looking for options to avoid the traffic nigh

Some Light Holiday Reading: The MSRC's Latest Clean Air Roadmap Now Online

To close out 2016, the latest MSRC e-newsletter Clean Air Roadmap has a number of great stories that embody what the MSRC is all about.

$10 Million Approved for Funding New "Near Zero" Natural Gas Buses and Refuse Trucks in SoCal

For the first time ever, the MSRC is offering ten million dollars in Clean Transportation Funding for their "Near Zero" Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Incentive Program.

Help Determine Where the MSRC's Millions in Funding for Clean Transportation Projects Will Go

This June, the MSRC will be holding a series of six regional workshops throughout the South Coast Air District to gather public input on ideas for clean transportation funding initiatives that stakeholders would like to see considered in the MSRC'

The MSRC Takes Angels Fans Out to the Ball Game

The 2016 baseball season is in full swing, and the MSRC is helping fans of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim get to the games more quickly and with less pollution.